20 years on… 102 New South Head Rd, Vaucluse | Sandstone Repair

As a result of over a century and a half of these Morton Bay Figs, heritage listed and situated basically on top of the Sydney Sandstone front fence, the owner contacted us over 20 years ago to rectify… and after all that weather , combined with the invasive nature of the fig trees roots, the wall looks intact and in very good shape.


Heritage listed Morton Bay Figs caused the owner to repair. 20 years on, it still looks great!

With the approach of removing the large sandstone units, then with the thorough removal of the trees’ large roots, we reinstated the units in their respective place and repointed with our lime based mortar.


20 years of weather and the lime based mortar ribbon pointing looks great.

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Not only does SydneyBrickRepair.com specialise in Brick restoration and repair, we also know Sydney’s favourite stone, Sandstone.


Parramatta St.Patricks Sandstone Restoration, 2002. Repointing, Indenting and general facade remediation.

We have worked with Pyrmont Stone, Parramatta, Glenorie, Balmain, Bondi, Drommoyne and Sandstones from the Northern Beaches (Palm Beach), Southern Highlands (Bowral) and of course Gosford Sandstone.

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