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Rising Damp is a common issue with clay and concrete masonry. Even stone buildings are affected. The cause is related to the ability of the cement-based mortar jointing in between the brick or block.


The notable differences are quite obvious when comparing the repoint/ brick repair method with brick tuckpointing or lime lining. The old tuckpointing shown above is discolouring the brick; making it look older.

This method also negates any need to use high pressure cleaners or acid washes which damage the brick further.

The brick above is approximately 130 years old and is comprised of a handmade brick.

Tuckpointing does not repair brick walls. It is merely a superficial renewal.

Rising Damp Repair

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Sandstone Restoration and Repair | SydneyBrickRepair.com

Not only does SydneyBrickRepair.com specialise in Brick restoration and repair, we also know Sydney’s favourite stone, Sandstone.


Parramatta St.Patricks Sandstone Restoration, 2002. Repointing, Indenting and general facade remediation.

We have worked with Pyrmont Stone, Parramatta, Glenorie, Balmain, Bondi, Drommoyne and Sandstones from the Northern Beaches (Palm Beach), Southern Highlands (Bowral) and of course Gosford Sandstone.

Our knowledge and experience is set in stone. Contact us for all of your Sandstone restoration requirements.